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Established in the year 2015 and led by Dave, Auto Maintenance (Hutt) Ltd is an MTA assured auto mechanics, advancing automotive engineering, repairs and maintenance services to motorists. Conveniently located in Upper Hutt, we channel all our technical expertise to service vehicles of every makes and models.

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We are committed to offering you a wide array of auto repair and maintenance services throughout the Upper Hutt region. You can count on us for the following—

Auto Maintenance Hutt Ltd

Warrant of Fitness (WoF)

Get an up-close review of your vehicle’s current condition through a WoF inspection or a safety check from us! This

Auto Maintenance Hutt Ltd

Automotive Repairs & Maintenance

Be it a brand new car or a medium-duty truck, a diesel or petrol-run vehicle, we are here to keep

Auto Maintenance Hutt Ltd

Rust Repair

Cars hold a special place in our life, especially the first car or the old family car is often one

Auto Maintenance Hutt Ltd

Gearbox Repairs

The gearbox of an automobile, alternatively called by the name transmission, is a crucial part and parcel of an automobile

Auto Maintenance Hutt Ltd - Your Neighbourhood Auto Repair Shop!

Car breakdowns arrive uninformed, mostly when riders are in a hurry, causing extreme discomfort and distress. At Auto Maintenance Hutt Ltd, the recognised auto repair shop in the Upper Hutt region, we never let car repair services and maintenance take a backseat. Hence, we hire in our team MTA assured auto mechanics, who are proficient enough to cover A to Z of automotive work, right from the exhaustive task of wheel alignment to suspension repair, each of which demands unwavering commitment and a positive attitude.

So whether you own a swanky private car or any of those leased commercial fleets, don’t skip our auto repair store to receive an outstanding service at a reasonable rate. From the laborious task of light truck repairs and exhaust repairs to minor jobs like bulb changes, headlight adjustments, we cover it all under our service line, no matter how time-consuming or knowledge-testing it is.

Apart from the repair and maintenance services, we also embrace the responsibility entrusted to a battery supplier and every other duty that would ensure a meticulously maintained vehicle.

Today, we have managed to come to the forefront of the Auto Repair Industry, the credit for which goes to our team of MTA-assured auto mechanics and their strong communication skill, the quality of diagnosing problems in a moment and their commitment towards a solid work ethic. In accordance with the MTA certification, we promise each of our clients quality repairs of professional standards, so that they enjoy a smooth ride on both uneven country roads and on highways.

Visit our vehicle service center if you dwell in and around Upper Hutt city, and let us restore your car to its former glory. We endeavour to keep your vehicle up and running through a series of services. To receive a consistent supply of batteries, contact us right away!

We repair & Service these vehicle

Be it a swanky car or a cool sports car, an SUV or a light truck, we are equipped and experienced enough to service any vehicle.

Auto Maintenance Hutt Ltd

Vans & Trucks

We are here to keep the wheels of your business turning! Approach us for regular servicing.

Auto Maintenance Hutt Ltd

Luxury Cars

Luxury cars are no less than a work of art. They truly deserve to be touched by an ‘experienced mechanic’. We can be that!

Auto Maintenance Hutt Ltd

SUVs & Pickups

We service all makes and models of SUVs and pickups, covering A to Z of repairing and maintenance.

Auto Maintenance Hutt Ltd

Sports Cars

Our adroit mechanics shall leave your sports car ready to rumble through routine maintenance and repair service.

Why choose us


Safe & Certain

We have MTA assured mechanics to ensure quality workmanship and ethical standards


Professional Standards

Trained mechanics, using latest repair techniques, to deliver motorists with optimal results


Cover an Entire Range of Vehicles

Restore vehicles of every makes and models to their former glory


Fair Pricing

So that you don’t have to seek a better deal elsewhere

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