The gearbox of an automobile, alternatively called by the name transmission, is a crucial part and parcel of an automobile operating system. Often declined by car owners, mostly because servicing it incurs time, efforts and money, gearboxes usually encounter fluid issues, clogged filter and oil leakages. Identified as an unavoidable malfunction, it generally calls for immediate attention. Luckily, with Auto Maintenance Hutt Ltd by one’s side, such problems can be successfully kept at bay.

Equipped with advanced techniques and modern facilities, our auto mechanics go ahead not with the intention of replacing it in the very first instance, rather run a series of appropriate checks to reconfirm the fault does lie with the car’s gearbox and not someplace else. Once assured, our technicians focus on gearbox repairs to take care of it and if the situation demands, we call for a replacement.

We work on vehicles of every makes and models, be it a private car or a light commercial fleet. Our technicians make it a point to talk you through the entire process so that you are aware of it all. As for our strengths, we take pride in our trained and experienced mechanics, who charge affordable rates for gearbox repairs.

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