Cars hold a special place in our life, especially the first car or the old family car is often one of the the most precious things to have. While the models become classic, the impact of rain, shine and humidity can take a toll on the car metal with stubborn rust build-ups, making them rusty and even damaged. Even regular car washes cannot prevent rusting forever, and if left untreated for years, the rust can get out of control, causing permanent dents, and even disfigure your precious car. Vehicles that are driven less, such as old family cars or vintage cars, are equally vulnerable to catch rust as regularly used cars.

Don’t let your precious cars get permanently damaged by rust, bring them over to us at Auto Maintenance (Hutt) Ltd, at Upper Hutt, New Zealand, for a professional car rust repair service at friendly and transparent prices. We involve a step by step process of gently removing even the most stubborn rust-buildup at all areas of your car, without causing any further damage, restoring your precious car to its former glory and increasing its resale value.

Rust is a serious problem for cars, and for a faster and cheaper rust removal service, we highly recommend you to bring your cars to us, sooner than later you notice the rust build up.

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