Auto Maintenance Hutt Ltd has never compromised on a motorist’s safety, addressing wheel alignment with equal professionalism as a suspension repair. To smoother your ride through an unpaved zigzag country road or let you enjoy your road-trip along highways, we offer suspension repair services. Aimed to provide you maximum steering stability, we replace worn out shocks, struts and other components like chassis and springs to lower the impact of road conditions on passengers riding the car.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our certified experts follow a comprehensive process. We start with conversations, noting down car concerns from our clients and developing a meticulous plan to diagnose the issues currently experienced by the car owners. Following the same, we run a suspension test, bounce test or whatever it takes to investigate into the matter.

So don’t compromise your vehicle performance and put your co-passengers’ lives at risk, rather enjoy peace of mind knowing that it’s being serviced by the best technical support team. So get back on the road with your auto suspension system in optimal shape and exercise greater control over your vehicle while under-steering or pushing the brake pedal on the way to your destination.

If you are looking out for more convincing reasons to approach us for suspension repair, then outstanding customer service, fair pricing and trusted repairs are more than enough to persuade you into hiring the services of our MTA assured auto-mechanics.

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