Enjoy driving all the way without the constant alarm of checking up on your wheel alignment and balance. Have complete peace of mind, when you have your car wheel evaluated and aligned at Auto Maintenance (Hutt) Ltd, because we hold nothing more important than your safety.

Our work comes with the guarantee of complete safety while driving, when we hand over your vehicle to you, assuring you better performance and extended longevity of your tyres. In the process, we get your vehicle thoroughly evaluated for any in under inflation, or weak points in tyre risking it, notably the due to wear ability, and check for issues with wheel vibration. With the help of use state-of-art vehicle inspection technology and multi-angle assessments along with multiple speed tests done manually by our professional mechanics to be 100% sure of perfect wheel balance, neutralising the odds of misalignment, leading to the risk of suspension and going off steering, especially when you are driving very fast.

We bring you cost-effective choices with our all inclusive Tyres Fitting, Tyre Balancing and Wheel Alignment Price in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. We recommend you to get your cars professionally evaluated for wheel alignment at least once every year, but never delay to consult a professional mechanic, if you notice the slightest misalignment while driving.

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